Marketing Plan Situational Analysis

Marketing Plan Situational Analysis
    Marketing Plan Situational Analysis

Marketing Plan Situational Analysis

Module 4 Assignment

Fedorah Dessources
St. Thomas University
Strategic Marketing Management

Situational Analysis of a Marketing Plan

For Adeline Kitchen business enterprise to prosper and curtail its competitive environment, it needs to develop a situational analysis for its drafted marketing plan. The situational analysis contains five Cs for the marketing plan. These five Cs for the Adeline Kitchen include customer characteristics, company details which entails a SWOT analysis, contextual environment, collaborators and its competitors. The business setting of the Adeline Kitchen is based on Caribbean and Haitian dishes. The organization has to set its standards based on such a business environment. These five parameters will help Adeline in making its marketing decisions and create a marketing strategy for the business when combined with the marketing plan of the company.

Customer Characteristics
Customers are a pivotal aspect of a business. They control both the internal and external environment of a business organization. Here, Adeline Kitchen needs to locate both their current and potential customers. Potential customers for this business include those consuming or somewhat those who prefer Caribbean and Haitian foods. The business should provide food preferences for customers in South Florida. These will help this business to compete successfully in its marketplace (Dawn, 2016). Also, they have to identify the motivation that drives their customers’ purchases. By its catering services, the notable spots include market size, market growth, market segments, purchasing frequency, and seasonal factors.

Company Details
Adeline Kitchen is situated in South Florida. The primary service of the business is catering through which it facilitates a variety of Caribbean and Haitian dishes. These include among the favorites the Poisson Gros Sel, Griot and More which are a taste preference for the tourists visiting South Florida. The primary goal of the company is to satisfy tourists and other residents of South Florida with the Caribbean and Haitian dishes as outlined in the marketing plan. The culture of the company concurs with the social culture of people of South Florida. This keeps the business within its corporate social responsibility and ethics. This will speculate whether the business is capable of meeting the needs of its customers. The strengths of the company include innovative dishes, competence and well-outlined cooking recipes (Stephanie, 2016). The weaknesses identified include the absence of skilled technical support for the services delivered. The opportunities identified include an expansive market due to weak competitors. The threats include the emergence of new competitors who may pose the business to stiff competition.

Contextual Environment
There are various factors noted in the business that may lead to retarded to business growth in Adeline Kitchen. Such limitations are a result of political concerns which include legal complications, unattended trade regulations and high induction of trade taxes. Economic problems facing the company include growth rate especially during the low season when tourists barely visit South Florida. Business Cycle stage also affects the business. Technological problems affecting Adeline Kitchen include effects of cost structures which the company find difficult to raise (Stephanie, 2016).

Adeline Kitchen aims at collaborating with potential partners in countries such as Canada, Latin America, and Caribbean nations. South Florida is a perfect hub for Adeline Kitchen, and it provides an opportunity for the business to liaise with its local partners in the provision of services to suit the taste of different people of the world. This helps the business in expanding its market segments and targets (Andrew, 2010)

The main competitors posing a threat to the Adeline Kitchen are the local investors within South Florida. However, the organization has managed to identify some of its weaknesses and strengths which is greatly helping the business cope up with the stiff competition (Michel, 2012). The main competitor is the West Indian Food Company which offers a variety of Caribbean dishes such as Pineapple Chow, Conch Chowder, Pelau, and the Pepper Pot soup. Adeline Kitchen also examines the market share in the catering industry.


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