Marketing Research Plan Assignment

Marketing Research Plan
Marketing Research Plan

Marketing Research Plan Instructions

Please make sure that you abide by ALL the instructions.

Based upon your textbook readings, you should now feel confident in your marketing research skills. You must now choose an organization of your preference.

This organization can be for-profit, non-profit (including church), government, or an educational organization. If you are currently working you are encouraged to utilize your current organization.

The Marketing Plan (Section 3) is to be written as a word document that is to be submitted to an executive team. The material presented in section 3 may be written in a report fashion that follow APA 6th edition standards.

You are to include headings and sub-heading outlining to required information. These headings and sub-headings are to abide by APA 6th edition formatting standards. Your plan is to be based upon current and past research with regards to the appropriate context.

In support of your plan you will include an 8-10 page literature review. This literature review is to add the element of validity throughout your plan. For example, if you are identifying the target audience in section three of your plan as being females between the ages of 25-30, you will need to include a section in your literature review where you have found this to be a viable target audience.

YOU CANNOT GUESS ON ANY OF THE REQUIRED SECTIONS. Said differently, in your plan if you offer suggestions I will go back through your literature review and see how you arrived at these suggestions.

If you are merely guessing you will not receive credit for that section of the plan. You literature review is to be included in the appendix of the submission and is to follow APA 6th edition standards.

The entire submission should be a minimum of 12 pages including your abstract and not the reference page.


  1. Abstract
  2. Marketing Plan

Macroenviroment- Analyze the following environments surrounding your product or service

  • Economic
  • Social – Cultured
  • Technological
  • Political-legal
  •  Ecological
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Who are your competitors and what are they doing?

Internal Environment

  •  Organization’s marketing objectives
  • Organization’s competitive advantage
  • Organization’s branding
  • Organization’s positioning

Target Market

  • Identify and describe the company’s current customers.
  • Identify and describe your target buyers/end users (prospects)

SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Marketing Mix Strategy (include action plans with each specific strategy)


  • Define what your company product/service is.
  • Identify the products or services that your company provides.
  • Innovation plan for any new product development / improvement and research.


  • Define whether your pricing will be above, below, or equal with your competitors and
  • Decide whether you will lead, follow, or ignore changes in competitor’s pricing.

Place/physical distribution

Identify the distribution channels through which your products / services will be made available to the target market / end users.


  • Describe the image or personality of your brand and its products or services.
  • Determine whether your company will be a market category leader, follower, challenger, or niche player.
  • Describe how you will use the Promotional Mix to communicate your product or service uniqueness to the market.


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