Maslow’s hierarchy of needs perspective

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs perspective
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs perspective

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs perspective

Case: Joan, a 43 year old divorced woman has been seeing you for six months. She is a mother of two teenage children by two different fathers who both live with the younger child’s father in a southern city.

Her main complaint is a history of severe depression and she came to you on sertraline (Zoloft) 200mg/d, and alprazolam (Xanex) 3-4 mg/d for anxiety. You have been working with her to change this regimen.

Joan is not very receptive to the idea because she says she always develops “weird side effects,” and often is late for appointments so there is no time except to renew the prescriptions.

Joan has to move in a month after a housing court battle with her landlord and also has family court appearances for custody in the children’s home city. She lost her job as a magazine writer 2 months ago.

Joan seems to have energy to do the things she wants to but complains of poor sleep, which by the way, none of the various medications that she has tried previously have worked.

1. Describe Maslow’s hierarchy of needs perspective.

2. Look at this situation from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs perspective, and describe this patient’s deficiency vs. growth needs.

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