Mass incarceration is an issue on African American

Mass incarceration is an issue on African American When answering the questions please included the question and number. a works cities page would be great so that I can read the 2 articles my self, the 2 sources please make sure they are up to date nothing later than 2017.

Mass incarceration is an issue on African American
Mass incarceration is an issue on African American

for each question small paragraph is fine nothing to long, helping with a thesis is wonderful make it standout like make it bold News articles for sources are fine no books and videos I added two links one is instructions on the research proposal and a list of topics to pick from but I already pick a topic MASS INCARCERATION but the issue on African Americans and please just make sure the article you use are clear for me so I can print them out thank you an contact me if you have any questions and just remember each question is not too long ENGWR 300Plus

Whole Class Brainstorm/Issue List for Research Essays

Mass incarceration is an issue on African American

Measles outbreaks/increase in anti-vaccination

Boeing crash response/responsibility

College admission scandals

Increase in government debt

Corrupt voting around the world Increase of nationalist and populist movements (Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, USA)

Cutting funds and limiting numbers of refugees

Explosives sent to former and current Democratic leaders, CNN, and other Trump critics/

Increase in extreme rhetoric

States trying to pass their own net neutrality issues

Mass incarceration is an issue on African American Banning straws

Using federal dollars for to arm school teachers

Certain dog breeds being banned from places (renters, etc)

Big game trophy hunting

Bias in Facebook

Purging voters in Georgia/Laws that make it harder to vote

Felons voting

Pay gap in men’s and women’s sports

Free community college to all

Armed guards in churches and schools

Parents pulling kids out of football/ risk of injury

Funding a border wall

Access to birth control

School dress codes targeting particular groups (gender, ethnicity)

Lack of support for homeless

Body positivity encouraging obesity/unhealthy standards

Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clear water

Medicare cuts

“Check the box” Felonies and the impact on employment

Money’s influence in politics

Mental health support on all college campuses


The affordable housing shortage in Sacramento area/SF Child trafficking in Sac and in the country

CA bans pet stores from selling pets from breeders

CA allows felons to vote


Lack of bike lanes


Minimum wage/Living wage

US national prison system/mass incarceration

Sexual harassment/#metoo movement

Gentrification pricing people out of communities

Lack of help for the homeless

Broken VA medical system

Abundance of fake news

Police brutality



Mandatory service for all Americans

Removal of DACA

Banning trans in the military

Russian interference in elections/Facebook and Twitter

Response to Hurricane Maria

Flint, Michigan water crisis Increased political divide

In-class Research Paper Proposal

Mass incarceration is an issue on African American Context

Before you draft your research paper, it is critical to “establish a context for a thesis” as Stuart Greene and April

Lidinsky state in From Inquiry to Academic Writing (89). This will help readers understand the background of the issue and why it needs to be considered.


In three pages, use Green and Lidinsky’s following four steps for establishing the background for understanding your issue:

  1. Establish that the topic of conversation, the issue, is current and relevant-that it is

on people’s minds or should be. Cite a recent, credible source that is debating/discussing this issue.

  1. Briefly summarize what people with opposing or various views have said to show that you are familiar with the topic or issue.
  2. Explain what you see as the problem-a misrepresentation, gap, or modification that needs to be made in how others have addressed the topic or issue-perhaps by raising the questions you believe need to be answered.
  3. State your working thesis. Your view on the issue may present readers with something new to

think about as it builds on and extends what others have argued. (89)

You are required to cite at least two credible sources as a part of your initial research into the issue.

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