Math and my major (Elementary Education)

Math and my major
                     Math and my major

Math and my major (Elementary Education)

How to Prepare your Projects

My major is Elementary Education K-6
Relating math to my major


Preparing a mathematics project can give you interesting and worthwhile experiences. In preparing a project you will get experience in using resources to find information, in doing independent work, in organizing your presentation, in writing, and in visual demonstrations.

You will broaden your background in mathematics and contact new mathematical topics that you never before knew existed. In setting up an exhibit you will experience the satisfaction of demonstrating what you have accomplished.

It may be a way of satisfying your curiosity and you desire to be creative. It is an opportunity for developing originality, craftsmanship, and new mathematical understandings.

Projects are judged on the following criteria: originality, completeness, clarity and craftsmanship, interest value, and mathematical thought.

The topic for your project is Math and Your Major.
Discuss the connections between math and your major being sure to discuss the mathematics used.

Find as much information about the topic as possible. Check the following sources:

Periodicals You must use at least two periodicals. Eg.

  • The Mathematics Teacher
  • Arithmetic Teacher
  • Scientific American
  • Reader’s Guide

each of these has their own cumulative index.

Source Books You must use at least two books. Eg.
The World of Mathematics by James Newman
Mathematics, a Time Life Book by David Bergimini
They may be consulted after you have some project ideas.

Internet: Use one or more search engines on the internet for information on a particular topic. The more specific you can be in describing what you are looking for, the better the engine will be able to find what your topic.

You MUST use at least two references from each of the above categories.

Your paper will be checked for plagiarism.

Prepare and organize your material into a concise, interesting report. Include drawings in color, pictures, applications, examples that will get the reader’s attention and add meaning to your report. Build models, mockups, or devices that add interest and understanding of the topics.

Build a paper that will tell the story of your topic.
Use models, applications, charts that lend variety. If possible, prepare materials that readers can relate. Give your paper a catchy, descriptive title. Label everything with brief captions or legends so that readers will understand the principles involved.
Make the display simple, but at the same time attractive and dramatic. Use color for emphasis. Show craftsmanship, creativeness, and diligence in preparing the project.

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