Measuring an Action Plan Essay Assignment

Measuring an Action Plan
  Measuring an Action Plan

Measuring an Action Plan

Course Outcomes explored in this module:

  • Distinguish the differences between prediction and creation ways of thinking
  • Assess entrepreneurial leadership characteristics for self- and social-awareness
  • Evaluate the relationships among social, environmental, and economic value creation
  • Compare and contrast stakeholder models with a global worldview and social context
  • Appraise reporting metrics with particular emphasis upon community and social responsibility
  • How will you know if your Action Plan is productive?
  • What are your reporting metrics?

In this assignment you will create a scorecard to measure if the social cause action plan is making a difference for the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. In order to accomplish this assignment you should do the following research:

Research scorecards and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Research the following about your company:

  • What are you measuring ?
  • What tool are you using to measure it?
  • What is the target?
  • How did the company do (what’s the score)?

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