Measuring Disease Frequency Essay Assignment

Measuring Disease Frequency
Measuring Disease Frequency

Measuring Disease Frequency

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Measuring Disease Frequency

In 2000, the crude mortality rate from all causes for Haiti (a very impoverished country) was 6.0 deaths per 1,000 persons. In contrast, the crude mortality rate from all causes for the United States was 10.4 deaths per 1,000 persons.

Then respond to the following:

What are some of the factors you would want to consider in assessing such a difference in mortality?

Discuss possible explanations as to why the crude mortality rate is lower in Haiti than in the United States.


Measuring Disease Frequency

Different countries experience different rates of mortality brought about by varied reasons. Crude mortality rate helps to estimate the number of deaths of people in mid-year. Comparing the crude mortality rate of various countries can help stakeholders to enhance the quality of health services to promote better care. This paper explores the factors contributing to differences in crude mortality rate of Haiti and USA as well on reasons why the crude mortality rate is lower in latter.

Statistics indicates that in 2000, crude mortality rate from all causes for Haiti was 6.0 deaths per 1000 persons compared to the U.S. that recorded 10.4 deaths per 1000 persons. Various factors may be considered in assessing these differences in crude mortality rate., one of which is gender. Women are believed to live longer, 5-10 years longer than men do.  Therefore, if the number of women is more than men in a country, then the rate or mortality is expected to be low. Another factor is the age of the population. A country with old population will record higher death rates compared to that with lower age population (Guang-zhen, 2010). The economic level of a country also determines the rate of crude mortality. In countries that have stable economies, the rate of mortality is low compared to those with unstable economies (Guang-zhen, 2010). This is because, established economies provides incentives and have easy accessibility to infrastructure to support better heath. Cultural beliefs also play a critical role in enhancing the quality of care and more so when it comes to the morbidity rates of a country. Some cultural practices and beliefs are outdated and impact negatively on the healthcare leading to more deaths.

In this context, therefore, one of the reasons that explain why the crude mortality rate is lower in Haiti than in the United States is the number of aging population.  U.S. has a high number of aging population compared to Haiti, and this contributes to greater level in this discrepancy. Most of older people are vulnerable because of their age compared to young people that make a larger percentage of Haiti.


Guang-zhen, W. (2010). Regional Variations in Maternal Mortality, Infant Mortality, and Infants with Low Birth Weight: Implications for Sub Sahara Africa and Gender-Sensitive Policies. Journal of African Policy Studies, 15(1):1-26.

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