Media analysis Essay Assignment Available

Media analysis
Media analysis

Media analysis


Students will need to observe, analyze, and respond to print media.


  • ¬†Identify the themes
  • Evaluate the media messages portrayed in music
  • Critically consider the potential impacts depictions have on communities

Due date:


  1. Observations
  2. Choose one of the following
  3. Suspense novel: Choose any two suspense novel. There are some available for free through the university or your local library. Read at least the first twenty pages of each.

Newspaper: Starting from a traditional newspaper or website, examine the front page or homepage and choose two of the articles from above the folder to read through.

Repeat this process for a second newspaper.

iii. Magazines/Tabloids: Examine the cover and read two stories mentioned.

Repeat this process for another magazine or tabloid

  1. Document observations in bullet points about the language and images used in these medias. Consider the past observations tables assigned for other media types.
  2. Identify and list ten categories inspired by past tables and your specific media exercise that you think would capture important factors. (e.g. What would be an indicator of how crime might be depicted or described in these forms?)
  3. Three categories should denote the differences of the format (length, position on page, photo usage, etc.)
  4. Three categories should assess qualitative differences (these questions that should be answered with words and assessment such as: How were drugs depicted? which might be answered with fun, dangerous, etc.)

iii. Four categories should assess quantitative differences (these questions should be answered through numbers such as: How many times did this print media reference drugs?)

  1. Create a table using these categories and fill it out with information from what you read.

Written Response

Please use the information recorded in the table and your own observations to write a response to the media. Please think critically about the likely implications from locally reported crime and how it would be interpreted by community members.

  1. Choose one of the following for inspiration:
  2. How do these representations identify and describe crime, criminals, and victims?
  1. How do these written media depictions differ from the visual representations we looked at so far in the homework assignments?

Did they focus on the same aspects of crime or the human experience?

  1. How much does word choice matter? What specific examples of descriptions in print may create a different image for a reader versus someone watching the scene first hand?
  1. Must be 2 pages
  2. Double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font with 1-inch margins
  3. Must include at least 2 direct quotes from the media to back up analysis

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