Medical Studies Experienced Researcher

Medical Studies Experienced Researcher The ideal candidate must have medical studies and more than one year experience in medical research. As it’s very important for us to collaborate with qualified professionals we might request proof of medical studies.
Attention to details and patience for finding relevant and useful medical studies is highly considered, along with the ability to meet tight deadlines. Good communication skills and english proficiency are also required for this collaboration.
In order to start our collaboration we’ll give you a small task which will be paid based on your initial proposal. After that we’ll review your work and propose a long term collaboration.
Here’s how the test will look like:
We will give you one of these topics: Periodontitis, Gingivitis, Dental Caries, Trench Mouth which are related to the human body.

Medical Studies Experienced Researcher

You will have to:
– find all the organs/body parts are affected by that condition described by the topic given
– find all the symptoms for the condition
– find all natural ingredients (used for nutraceutical products such as: ginseng, DHEA, 5-HTP, vitamin C, magnesium, …. ) that address/have positive effects on/fight:
1) each of the symptoms found earlier
2) the cause of the condition we are analysing. In our case: oral bacteria
3) the recovery of the affected organs/body parts identified earlier
4) the disease/condition prevention. In our case, what ingredients would help us create an environment in which oral bacteria will not flourish
Please refer to the “Instructions” sheet from the attached document. All the information will be filled in a similar document which will be given when starting this task.
When submitting your cover letter please add this word on the first line: Sternocleidomastoidian
Looking forward for your proposals.

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