Michigan vs EPA Essay Assignment Paper

Michigan vs EPA
                         Michigan vs EPA

Michigan vs EPA

Keep your answer to 3 typed pages or less. Save it as a Word document. Label it: nameLegalFinal
Submit your answer in the FINAL EXAM

1. Michigan v. EPA Discuss the public management concerns for Michigan bringing this suit. Explain if Michigan or the EPA has a more compelling position regarding what action is in the public interest.

2. Confederate Flag License Plates What type of administrative activity is discussed in this reading: rule-making or adjudication? Be sure to briefly explain what facts and criteria you used to reach your conclusion. Discuss whether Buffalo soldiers and the Confederate flag are really comparable subjects to be on license plates.

3. Restricted Access to Public Records Here state residents are treated differently than out-of-state residents. Explain whether this is fair. Then discuss the differences between the constitutional and statutory rights in this situation.

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