Mira Mesa bus system Essay Assignment

Mira Mesa bus system
             Mira Mesa bus system

Mira Mesa bus system

Choose a research question of interest to you. Gather information from a sample and draw conclusions. For example: investigate the timeliness of the Mira Mesa bus system. Another example: Spend time in your neighborhood grocery store at different times of day, measuring length of time people wait for checkout, how many lines are available, etc.

Project overview:
• Your options are to pursue a research question which will give you minimum of 50 data values.
• You will use descriptive statistics to analyze one and two variable results. Descriptive statistics includes the various charts and graphs that we studied as well as appropriate measures of center and spread (mean, median, percentiles, standard deviation, range, etc.).
• You will also use the tools of inferential statistics to decide on the possible validity of your results relative to a larger population. Inferential statistics include confidence intervals and tests of hypothesis. Plan to conduct two different tests of hypotheses and include at least one confidence interval.
• Your project must include BOTH descriptive and inferential statistics.

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