Mock Internship Application Assignment Available

Mock Internship Application
Mock Internship Application

Mock Internship Application

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Imagine you have decided to complete an internship in the field of early childhood education to help prepare you for a career after completing your degree. You have learned that one of the most prestigious schools in your city, ABC Early Childhood Center, will be accepting interns for the next school semester. There is a lot of competition for one of these placements. Click on the image below to access a PDF with instructions for completing your application for the internship and submitting your application to your instructor.

Mock Internship Application Image

Watch the ECE101 introduction to early childhood education library tutorial for guidance for how to research topics for the ECE 101 Final Project.


Mock Internship Application

My Profile

Autobiography: I am a passionate teacher with a strong aim to cultivate learning in young children through emergent curriculum.

Career Goals: I intend to work in an early childhood education field for purposes of exploiting the knowledge and skills I have acquired in school.

Preferred Age Group: I would like to work with children ranging in the ages of 3-5 years.

My Philosophy

Theory: I believe that children need a supportive environment both at home and school in order to gain proper development and learning (Pritchard, 2013).

Approach to Teaching: I like Montessori’s teaching approach because it provides a framework for a teacher to properly develop a child’s absorbent mind (Krogh & Estes, 2012). As a teacher, I need to be ready to assist and direct children. Every child learns through personal cycle of activities and is made to learn line with his capabilities.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP): This refers to the manner in which children are taught in accordance with the factors that are indirectly and directly consequential to their learning and development. DAP aims at helping children to realize optimal learning and development. It is important for me to understand the capabilities of every child in order to achieve optimal development (NAEYC website).

My Practice

Development Domains: I would use the gross motor developmental domain to help children in developing their physical muscles.

Home-School Partnerships: These partnerships help in getting the best out of children as they appreciate the fact that learning is a continuous process.

Trends/Issues: Home-school-community partnerships is the trending concept in the field of ECE. The internship will be a great opportunity for me to apply the learning theories and approaches studied in class.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC): I will uphold NAEYC’s standards by making sure that every child is specially treated in manner that leads to his or her optimal growth and development (NAEYC website). In addition, I will utilize group work to promote interactions and teamwork.


Krogh, S. L. & Estes, L. (2012). Pathways to Teaching Young Children: an Introduction to Early Childhood Education.

NAEYC website. Retrieved from:

Pritchard, A. (2013). Ways of learning: Learning theories and learning styles in the classroom. Routledge.

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