Modern Europe French Revolution

Modern Europe French Revolution
Modern Europe French Revolution

Modern Europe French Revolution

Question 1. (One typed page)

The French Revolution was an eruption of “liberal” ideas at the end of the eighteenth century.

First, explain in detail what these liberal ideas were and explain how they were different than those of the American Revolution. In your discussion, explain the difference between “Natural” law and “positive” law, and how each applies to the two revolutions.
Second, discuss how you understand these ideas merged into reality as there implemented during the French Revolution and how they changed during the five “phases” of the Revolution.

Question 2. (One typed page)

A noted historian once said that Prince Metternich’s “system” or policy in enforcing the decisions of the Vienna Congress was like a fire department putting out the fires of liberty. Do you agree with this? Explain in detail why or why not. In answering this question, compare the views of “liberals” and “conservatives” of the nineteenth century.

Question 3. (1/2 typed page)
Please use both your emotional and logical thoughts in answering this question.

What do the terms (1) “Liberty” and (2) “Equality” mean to you today? Are they relevant to you in the modern world? Why or why not? In your explanation, give a modern day example of how these terms affect you or those around you.

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