Momma Might Be Better off Dead Book Review

Momma Might Be Better off Dead Book Review
Momma Might Be Better off Dead Book Review

Momma Might Be Better off Dead Book Review

Select one of the following books and write a 3 -4page book review, double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1inch margins. All books are available in local bookstores, online and in libraries.

–Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks ($9.59);
-There are No Children Here (13.99 -$15.36);
-Momma Might Be Better off Dead ($13.87-$14.60);
-Evicted ($10.55); -The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down ($10.20);
-and Hillbilly Elegy ($12.91)

Students should follow the instructions and rubric for the assignments. A draft of your book Review will be required, and counts for 5% of the final project grade, see syllabus for due date. Please prepare five slides related to your book review that you may use to present to the class about your topic area. The slides will also count for 5% of your final project grade. Do NOT try to find someone else’s review of one of the books and copy or paraphrase it yourself. If you plagiarize you will receive a zero for the entire assignment. You must read the book yourself in order to do well on the assignment. I will run your assignment through a plagiarism checker after you turn it in. Additionally, I have enabled the Turnit In Feature in ICollege, so you should be able to see your plagiarism scores as well.

Resources: Purdue Owl Lab How to write a book review

Questions to consider when reading the book and writing the book review:

1. In what ways are social, environmental, and behavioral determinants represented in the book?
2. How do the determinants have a direct health impact on the main characters in the book?
3. Who is the author? Are they qualified to write a book like this? Why or Why not?
4. What were the main points/themes of the book? Who do you think the audience is/was for this book? 5. Make sure to cite all outside sources and to use correct APA formatting.
6. Make sure to include page numbers.

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