Movie review core US foreign policy

Movie review core US foreign policy
        Movie review core US foreign policy

Movie review core US foreign policy

Watch the entire BBC documentary on Iran and the West (part 1 – 3; see YouTube for parts 2 and 3). The write up should be a minimum of four pages (double space). Proper citation, using APA or Chicago or MLA should be adhered to (including but not restricted to citations from the documentary and the textbook).

More importantly, use the points below as a rough outline for your analysis. You may or may not follow them sequentially – they are just help organize your response. What is not acceptable is bullet points responses.

As an analytical exercise, feel free to demonstrate your insight, argue for a particular point of view, and provide support to back up your claims.

1. Summarize what you consider to be the core US foreign policy.

2. Based on the documentary, provide a brief political and diplomatic history of US-Iranian relations.

3. Based on your reading of the chapter on Domestic and Foreign policy (chapter 14), describe the extent to which the US has been consistent or inconsistent in its relationship with Iran.

4. Based on the documentary, did the US make the right calls before and in the immediate aftermath of the Iranian revolution? If not, where did US go wrong? Explain your answer.

5. What lessons, if any, should be taking from this episode in US-Iranian relations? Could such lessons be generalized in an effort to understand American foreign policy?

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