Multimedia Communication Essay Assignment

Multimedia Communication
Multimedia Communication

Multimedia Communication

Students must write a 3-page paper synthesizing his/her findings by including but limiting yourself to these questions:

**This assignment should be about a traditional TV news story. Please view this on an actual TV broadcast first…NOT on the internet. You may refer to the web story ONLY after seeing it on an actual television. Your options are networks like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Telemundo, ABC affiliate, etc.***

  • Why did you choose this entity to analyze? What stood out to you about it?
  • How does this media entity use the 4 different media of text, still imagery, video and audio in their reporting?
  • What different kind of media do they use on social networks to promote their story?
  • From your observations, what is the anatomy (makeup) of their multimedia campaign?
  • What is the different between the TV version and the web version when you compare the two?
  • What is the difference between the way TV newscasters deliver the news and print reporters and radio reporters deliver the news?

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