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Multimedia Essay
Multimedia Essay

Multimedia Essay

This next essay is focused on multimedia analysis. Towards this end, you must pick up to three commercials for the same company or product and create a thesis about who the primary audience is.

There are two primary catches about your choice of audience. First, it must have at least two criteria, such as gender and age. Therefore, it’s not enough to say that something is for men, but for young men would work.

You can pick from many categories to create the two categories. However, the second catch is that a category cannot refer to the media they consume. This keeps you from saying, for instance, that fashion commercials appeal to people who like fashion or it appeals to people who like science fiction.

Once you have a movie and an audience selected, you may begin writing. The essay should focus on things from the commercial that help prove your argument. So, if the thesis is that a commercial appeals to young men, you might discuss different scenes and get into how and why those scenes appeal to this audience in a way they would not appeal to another.

While not a strict requirement, you are encouraged to find sources to help back up your audience argument. So if you are saying that a scene or character appeals to young men, it would be good if you had research to back up what young men like (in general terms psychological research, sociological research, etc.).

As always, you are graded by the quality of your argument and not the argument itself. I will never tell you that your audience is wrong, but I will tell you we need more or better arguments about why you’re right.

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