Muslim public affairs interest group Essay

Muslim public affairs interest group
Muslim public affairs interest group

Muslim public affairs interest group

papers analyze an interest group seeking to influence domestic policy at any level of government. Papers must apply theories and readings explored in class. Length is 8-10 pages plus bibliography and title page.

Format: double-spaced, 1-inch margin, 12- point font, Times New Roman. References should
follow the citation style of the American Political Science Association or the American Psychological Association.

You must organize your paper around at least 4 sections:
1.Introduction (provide background on your topic, discuss its importance, explain how this
project will advance our understanding of organized interests)
2.Literature Review (what has already been written about your topic in the scholarly literature;
what are key themes in the literature; what is missing in the literature)
3.Analysis (provide supporting evidence for your argument; identify a counterargument and
show why it is less convincing than your own claim; insert relevant course readings conceptually
into your analysis)

4.Conclusion (identify your key findings, possible directions for future research. Link relevant
course readings to your conclusions.)

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