My Philosophy of Education Essay Assignment

My Philosophy of Education Essay Assignment My philosophy of ED is that you can get the best potential out of any student if you show them that expressing their individuality in an working environment( school activities, learning activities)

My Philosophy of Education Essay Assignment
My Philosophy of Education Essay Assignment

All students are required to write a philosophy of education essay. Students are required to include within their essay, historical educational concepts/theories, as presented in class via lectures and text readings. In addition, students are required to use journals, periodicals and/or books (research sources) as background material for their chosen educational philosophies and historical educational concepts/theories.

My Philosophy of Education Essay Assignment Sources of Reference

All students are required to use 5 research sources as references. All students are required to include a bibliography as a part of this essay. Please use APA (6th edition) as a writing guide.
Philosophy of Education Essay Assignment:
Purpose: As a teacher it is expected that you have a philosophy of education. This philosophy is to be the guiding principle of your career and should influence the manner in which you teach and affect educational change in American education. Your philosophy of education statement serves to answer important foundational questions such as why do you teach, what do you teach and how will you teach? Educational philosophers such as Pestalozzi, Bloom, Dewey and Bagley to name a few have pondered such questions and have responded with differing viewpoints. This is your opportunity to add to the cannon of educational philosophers. Drawing upon your personal thoughts and reflections, reading assignments, class lectures/discussion as references, answer the following questions in a thoughtful, well organized 3 page essay.
What is your educational philosophy?
Which historical educational theories/concepts have influenced your educational philosophy?
How will your educational philosophy influence your professional educational style?

My Philosophy of Education Essay Assignment Required Questions

1. Why do you want to teach? What are the rewards and challenges of teaching for you? What is it that you can accomplish in teaching that you find particularly valuable and worthwhile?
2. What will you teach?
What are the specific subjects and courses you are prepared to teach? What are your objectives for student learning? Why are these objectives important? Do your objectives differ depending on the type of course or the background of students you are teaching? If so, how? What should students gain from taking your courses? Examples include an understanding of foundational concepts in the field, sophistication as critical thinkers, or the ability to write concise and well-supported arguments.
3. How will do you teach?
What teaching methods and strategies will you use to meet your objectives? Do you prefer lecturing, leading discussions, or group work? Will you use a combination of these methods? Why and in what circumstances? What kinds of assignments and assessments will you use? Why? How will you take into account differences among students? How will you approach teaching students of varying aptitudes and levels of interest in the topic?
4. How will you measure your effectiveness?
How do you know whether you are meeting your objectives? How can you tell if your students are learning? How do you use student evaluations to develop new strategies for engaging student participation or to meet other objectives?

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