NBA: Big payoff for a little patch Article Review 

NBA: Big payoff for a little patch Article Review
NBA: Big payoff for a little patch Article Review

NBA: Big payoff for a little patch Article Review

-Directions: Read the Sport Business Journal article titled NBA: Big payoff for a little patch. If you are unfamiliar with the NBA jersey patch program, I would recommend you google it and get background information. Next, write an analysis of the NBA jersey patch program using the three sections below. The response is expected to be 1-2 pages, double spaced. Each paragraph should include an introductory statement, 3-5 sentences of supporting information, and a conclusion sentence.
-To be clear, you do NOT have to answer every single question in the prompt. Your response should not feel like a list of question/answer responses, but instead should include your own analysis of the patch program based on the prompts in each section. Inserting your opinion is fine as long as it is part of the analysis. Remember, you are viewing this from a business perspective. You may include outside sources if you wish, but please make your best attempt at citing them correctly if you do. For the first response, I will not take off points for improperly cited sources.

1) Measuring Success: The article is fairly clear that the NBA jersey patch program has been successful. What are some of the ways that this success has been measured? Can you think of additional ways to measure the success or failure of these partnerships that are not mentioned in the article?

2) Weighing Risks: The article mentions that there has been very little backlash from the program. However, jersey sponsorships are very uncommon in American sport, and this decision was a huge risk to the NBA. List a few groups of people who you think may not have been happy with this decision. Are they a major group? Would you be worried about them? What would you expect their concerns to be? If you were in charge of the NBA communications, how would you address these concerns?

3) Retail: The NBA feels that the next step for the jersey patch program is retail distribution. What does this mean? What risks are you taking by making the patches retail? What benefits will the jersey patch partners receive? Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

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