New Beginnings for a Real Estate Company

The paper to be based on a real estate company that needs to be restructured. the company has been in business for 10 years and is unable to grow more than where it is. the company will have to restructure the business plan, hiring process, recruiting process, management approach, hr dept and marketing strategy in order to come up with a plan and strategy for a new office manager to take over the day to day operation because the owner plans to be absent for the next 5 years. you can pick the company.
Instructors instructions
Students will create an applied project based on an administration/management issue relevant to their current (or former) workplace or profession. It should be an examination of an issue that is relevant to the operational practice and performance which has a potential solution. From that perspective, the paper should be prepared as if it was an internal consulting report to be presented to the organization’s decision makers. This project should include components from every ADM course the student took in the program i.e, “in my labor relations course we studied the importance of negotiation, arbitration and mediation in negotiations. One potential solution to this situation would be to involve a mediator. the paper should be 10 pages minimum and at least 5 scholarly references from peer reviewed sources. i will attach the rubric for grading criteria.

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