New Venture Creation Assignment

New Venture Creation
New Venture Creation

New Venture Creation

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Chartered Banker MBA Programme
The well-known adage is “people don’t want to be managed: they want to be led”.
This is based on the argument that successful organisations almost always
exercise styles of leadership that inspire their people. Although good management practices are fundamentally important, they are not the critical factor that leads to success, however success is defined.

This assignment requires you to investigate the concept that the majority of successful entrepreneurs putatively possess three attributes as the principal
reasons for their success:

(1) the ability to respond positively to challenges and learn from mistakes,
(2) personal initiative, and
(3) great perseverance and determination.

These attributes, it might be argued, contribute towards an entrepreneurial style of leadership: leaders involved in new ventures will be of a certain
entrepreneurial mind-set that may or may not be acquirable or learnt.

By reference to an organisation known to you or one which you have previously considered by way of case study, describe how the attributes listed above have shaped the leadership style of the organisation, if at all. What constitutes this leadership style?

Was the organisation’s founder a natural leader or did s/he need to learn leadership skills? What was the effect of this style on the organisation’s chances of success? Is there conflict between a good leader and a good manager or must an entrepreneur possess the attributes of both aspects in order to be successful?

Your completed assignment should be submitted no later than 31/03/2019 and should not exceed 5,000 words.

A good answer will include a thorough description of the entrepreneurial mindset and how our understanding of this has developed to the present day. Concepts such as apprenticeship, courage and the principles of entrepreneurial leadership that have been studied during the course should be included and applied in a practical way to the chosen case study.

The distinction made in the literature between leadership and management might be investigated to augment the arguments and illustrations.

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