Non governmental organization Paper

Non governmental organization
Non governmental organization

Non governmental organization

Non governmental organization

NGO Paper & Presentation – 100 points
● 3-4 pages, double-spaced, with proper works cited page
● 6 credible sources (one source will be the NGO itself)
● Due December 12 , 2018
● Submit via Brightspace by 5:00pm
Throughout this semester we have discussed controversial topics, advocacy, and efforts to change the status quo. In an effort to apply the concepts gained through class discussion and reading the text book, for the final assignment, I ask that you please choose an American ​Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)​ to spotlight. In your paper I ask that you:​ identify & explain the problem(s) the NGO is attempting to address,​ ​detail​ ​history of the NGO, explain why the leadership team/founders are credible, identify how they’re funded, ​and ​explain the work they do ​(what are their proposed solutions? How do they carry them out?)
For a better understanding of NGO’s :
This is for my argumentation class. I need it a little earlier than class so I can read it in class.

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