Nursing Research Project Paper Available

Nursing Research Project
                Nursing Research Project

Nursing Research Project

What is the optimum patient orientation and combinations of AEC ionising chambers for AP pelvis x-ray using Computed Radiography.

Assignment brief: Order of Content for the full Nursing Research Project. 25 page limit (not including references or appendices)

Title Page: The title of the project should ideally not contain more than fourteen words. The hospital name or place where the study has been conducted must be omitted from the title. It may be suitable to use phrases such as District General Hospital or Teaching Hospital.

Abstract: This is a brief (150-200 words) synopsis of the project including the rationale, methods and potential implications for practice. It may contain a limited number of references if appropriate. List of

Contents: A listing of the main headings with page numbers: abstract, chapters, references, bibliography, illustrative materials, tables and appendices. Acknowledgements (optional): References may be made to anyone who has been helpful or influential during the project.

Introduction: Explain the rationale behind the project. Outline the boundaries of what you intend to explore, clearly defining your terms of reference, supported by literature. Review of the Literature: Critically review and analyse relevant existing work in this area. The search strategy should be clearly defined; for example inclusion, exclusion criteria should be indicated, types of journal. Aims and/or

Hypothesis: State clearly your aims or hypothesis, depending on the nature of the study. All sections above worth 30% of the marks Methods and

Materials: The method adopted to investigate the project topic should be clearly defined and discussed. You should be able to use basic research methods as tools for the acquisition, organisation and analysis of material. The method adopted to investigate the project topic should be clearly defined and discussed. Questionnaires, surveys, details of equipment used, methods of measurement, schedules, should be defended and concisely documented. Ethical approval for the study MUST be discussed if relevant. 30% of the marks

Results : Display the results from the research study. This may be graphical presentation or tabulated data that clearly demonstrates the findings of the study. There is no requirement to discuss the findings in this section. 15% of the marks

Discussion and Conclusion: Should include discussion on how the data was analysed and reviewed against the existing literature and evidence base. Practical limitations and ethical considerations must be addressed but you are NOT required to engage in the approval process. Any errors should be discussed with consideration on how they could be limited. A realistic timescale for a full project should be included. Remember this is 12 months, 1st post competence. Some consideration should be given to where the results from a full study will be disseminated. 20% of the marks

References: Use the Harvard System to include all literature that has been cited in the text. Presentation: use standard university presentation criteria.

Appendices: Include any additional information which supports the study but is not required within the main text of the project – letters of consent, schedules or raw data.

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