Observational Research Case Study Paper

Observational Research
    Observational Research

Observational Research

Write 4 pages Observational Research addressing all the variables etc APA Style

1. Provided a detailed description of field site (remember the reader is not there so you need to provide an elaborate description)
2. develop a checklist of anticipated observations used in the field study(minimum four to five variables)
3. Create detailed field notes of the of the social situation(s) observed. (Remember to include time of the day, descriptions of surrounding , people detailed accounts of social interactions interpretation etc
4. Address the research questions using relevant examples from the field notes/checklists. Provide interpretation as to why you think you found the answers you did.
(Research question)
• Are men or women more likely go into apple store
• How many have bags or not
5. Reflect on your role as a researcher in the field . Comment on how you felt as a researcher in the field. Did you modify any of your original theories. Do you think you could have obtained more valuable data using a different research method? Why or why not?

Background info

On Monday Nov 26, 2018 I visited polo park shopping mall to do an observational studies at the apple store. I sat across the store with my note book.
Here are my variables:

  • Gender- male / female
  • Bags – the customer going into the store have bags some don’t
  • Age group : 20, 20 – 30, 40 +
  • Dress – casual, Business, Athletic

On Wednesday Nov 28, 2018 I visited the same location to observe the customer visiting apple store, Take into consideration the customers attire, business attire or casual etc. This is an observational study

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