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Organ Donation
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Organ Donation

1. Identify an area of clinical interest 2. Find a minimum of one peer-reviewed journal article (no older than 5 years) related to your clinical topic of interest. Do not use a meta-analysis or systematic review. 3. Critique the journal article, fully answering the following questions:

Research Problems, Research Questions and Hypotheses

  • What is the research problem?
  • Does the problem build a persuasive argument for the new study?
  • Is the problem statement easy to locate?
  • What are the research questions and hypothesis?
  • Do the hypothesis state a predicted relationship between two or more variables?

Ethical Aspects of a Study

  • Was the study approved and monitored by an Institutional Review Board, Research Ethics Board or similar committee?
  • Were appropriate informed consent procedures used with all participants?

Research Design

  • Was the design experimental, quasi-experimental, or non-experimental?
  • Was the study longitudinal or cross-sectional?
  • What are the threats to the studies internal validity?


  • What type of sampling design was used?
  • Are possible sample biases or weaknesses identified?

Data Collection

  • What methods of data collection were utilized (Self-reports, Scales, Observation, and Rating Scales)? If self report methods were used, did the researchers make good decisions about specific methods (in-person interviews, mailed questionnaires, etc.)?
  • If observational methods were used, did the report adequately describe what the observations entailed?

Statistical Analysis

  • Identify the type of analyses undertaken to address each research question or test each hypothesis.
  • Were appropriate statistical methods used, given the level of measurement of the variables, number of groups being compared, and so on?


  • Were the findings effectively summarized, with good use of experts? Do the themes adequately capture the meaning of the data?
  • Does it appear that the researcher satisfactorily conceptualized the themes or patterns in the data?
  • Did the analysis yield an insightful, provocative, and meaningful picture of the phenomenon under investigation?

Clinical Practice

Did the researchers discuss the study’s implications for clinical practice or future research and if so, were the implications grounded in the study evidence, and in evidence from earlier research?

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