Organizational Behavior and Culture

Organizational Behavior and Culture Format / Some Reminders: 1. 5 spaced, 12 font size, Times New Roman.

Organizational Behavior and Culture
Organizational Behavior and Culture
  1. Minimum 2,000 words.
  2. The citations of references in the text should be according to APA style. A minimum of 5 references (books and articles) will be required

Note/Suggested Format:

Title of the paper

Name and Student ID

Abstract with keywords



Body of report

Evaluation and discussion

Finding, suggestion and Conclusion, Recommendation and Future Work


Above works as Rubrics for the marking.

Note Any topics below related to Organizational behavior being faced in your respective organization including issues, challenges, changes and more. Please prepare the original research paper/management cases being faced. The paper should be of quality as it maybe publishes in a conference/journal type.

Please Select one topic only

The select topic should be written in the contest of the subject of organizational behavior.

The Nature of OB

Diversity in Organizations

Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Emotions and Moods

Personality and Values

Perception and Individual Decision Making

Motivation Concepts & Applications

Foundations of Group Behavior

Understanding Work Teams


Leadership, Power, and Politics

Conflict and Negotiation

Foundations of Organizational Structure

Organizational Design

Organizational Culture

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