Outlining the Source Evaluation Essay

Outlining the Source Evaluation
Outlining the Source Evaluation

Outlining the Source Evaluation Essay

Create a brief outline that answers the following questions. You will need to develop these short answers later into paragraphs, but use this as a checklist for your Source Evaluation essay.

Source’s Author and information about him or her–education, experience, other books on subject

Source’s topic and thesis or main idea about topic.

Source’s supporting points for thesis and use of evidence (what type) to support thesis.

Source’s target audience: general or specialized.

Source’s context: when and where did it appear-what kind of controversies or events were happening at the time that this source might be responding to or be shaped by?

Source’s purpose: Is it trying to inform audience about subject, persuade them to agree with their thesis about the subject? Is it doing a combination of informing and persuading?

Is the source credible?

Is there any clear bias for against a particular viewpoint about the topic?

Is the source up to date about your topic?

Can you independently check the information in the source?

Does the source help you learn more about your topic?

Does this source give you information or ideas that you can use in  coming up with your own thesis, or answer, to your research question?

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