Overcoming various communication obstacles

Overcoming various communication obstacles
Overcoming various communication obstacles

Overcoming various communication obstacles

You and your partner have been working tirelessly to complete your project in time for the big board meeting presentation. Unfortunately, two days before the board meeting you became ill and were unable to complete your portion of the project, or even attend the board meeting to present your findings. However, your partner not only completed the project, but also presented it to the board, while constantly referencing your involvement. The success of the project has earned both you and your partner a raise. As you are unable to thank you partner in person, write a good willed message to your partner to express your appreciation. /10

2) You have just completed a crisis communications presentation and meeting with the employees of your company (as per your last assignment). An agenda was provided to employees prior to the meeting. Create the agenda that your employees received. /10

3) You have just returned from the 20th Annual Ethical Messaging Convention in beautiful San Jose, California. During this trip, you learnt about the various ways to display your messages in a moral and compassionate manner. Your company arranged the entire trip and will be covering your travel and accommodation costs. During the two-day convention you attended sessions, keynote presentations, and evening functions. Now that you are back, you are to submit a one-page convention report. /20

4) You are to write a memo to your company explaining the answer to the following question: What are five tips to overcoming various communication obstacles?

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