Ovids Metamorphoses on the Loss of Speech

Ovids Metamorphoses on the Loss of Speech In many stories in the Metamorphoses, the human transforms into something, either an animal or an inanimate object.

Ovids Metamorphoses on the Loss of Speech
Ovid’s Metamorphoses on the Loss of Speech

The loss of speech in the characters
represent Ovid’s frustration when he was forced to do something (accounting) other than writing poetry. Use the stories: Io (turned into a cow), Callisto
(turned into a bear), and Narcissus and Echo (how Echo can’t use her own words, she can only repeat what people say). In the conclusion paragraph, don’t
summarize the simple reasoning of the points, answer the question of why has the position matter? Don’t start the conclusion with the words " In
Conclusion" or "To sum up". For the paper in general: Use strong logic to support your points and use well-selected evidence from the three
stories listed above.

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