Patient Care Influence on Career and Decision to Continue Education

Patient Care Influence on Career
Patient Care Influence on Career

Patient Care Influence on Career and Decision to Continue Education

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Patient Care Influence on Career and Decision to Continue Education

In life, it is important to set goals and have ambitions. These goals and visions act as a catalyst and a sense of direction towards attainment of one’s ambitions.  I have an ambition of becoming the best healthcare provider in the years to come, attested to by my desire and determination to attain higher levels of education in this field. My background and patient care have motivated me to continue with my education.

I am highly esteemed that in the near future, I will be joining your college to pursue higher education in nursing. It has been long since I made the decision of pursuing a career in nursing.  I always wanted to help people overcome their health problems and restore them to their normal life. This dream was born in me when I was in my adolescent. I experienced a sad episode when my grandparent lost his life because of negligence by the health practitioners. My grandparent was one of my best and closest friends. This incidence hurt me and I developed an interest in the field hoping that I will one day come to help many people that go through what I went. I always wanted to be the person that will help provide the best patient care to patients regardless of their age, status in society, race or even religion. I did not know what it would take me to become the person I wanted to be at this early stage, however as I  continued with my studies,  I sort advice from the teachers who advised me on the areas that I was required to concentrate to  make my dream a reality.

The education I gained enabled me to serve in various health facilities and I appreciate the opportunities as I have managed to acquire enough experience.  Working with different calibers of patients is not a simple task. Patients have different needs and as a care provider, I have done my best to ensure that they receive the best quality care to my best of my knowledge. Some of the patients are cooperative while others are demanding and do not understand. However, I am thankful that I managed to do my best to ensure that they recover well. These opportunities have enabled to learn a lot. I have managed to understand the psychology of the patients and the best way to respond to them. Patient requires motivation, caring, and love. This makes them feel a sense of belong and they as well feel encouraged. Furthermore, patients require constant interactions and assessment. This ensures that, their health is closely monitored and in case of an emergency, they receive immediate care to manage their ailments. I have also gained more skills on socialization and importance of respect when working with other people.

Regardless of these, I always felt that I could do better to enhance patience care. I was, therefore, motivated to pursue further education to acquire more skills and knowledge in the area to improve my services. Education is one of the platforms that would help me understand the patient care in detail, hence, impact on my service delivery. I want to be the best decision maker and problem solver in healthcare to improve the lives of the patients. I also want to acquire more skills to improve on nursing research. Nursing has grown of age and it requires application of evidence-based research to render superb services (Fawcett & McCulloch, 2014). Therefore, to me, I want to build on my experience to improve my skills and knowledge to render high quality care.  I want to be able to deal with challenges in patient care in a professional way to enhance quality care.

I will appreciate if this opportunity to further my studies in your college is accepted. As indicated earlier, I am a dedicated and a determined individual who has high ambitions. The institution is the best for me in imparting in me requisite skills to enable me achieve my goals.


Fawcett, T., & McCulloch, C., (2014). Pursuing a career in nursing research. Nursing Standard,     28(28): 54-58.

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