Pediatric clinical reference tool

Pediatric clinical reference tool 


Once you are placed in the groups, you can use this discussion forum to determine which method you will use to communicate within your groups. You may use Zoom, email, phone, or any other agreed upon method.

Within your group, complete the Pediatric Clinical Template (PDF) to answer the following questions:

How does the topic present in children and, if applicable, how does that presentation differ in adults?

What are the treatment recommendations for children? Adolescents? (Use available resources including but not limited to linked treatment guidelines, The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report, UptoDate, etc..

Which treatment recommendations are off-label? FDA approved?

What are the relevant safety issues? (This may include risks associated with the topic or with the treatment.) Do these safety issues differ from adults?

Your response should include evidence of review of the course material through proper citations using APA format.

Check with the Pediatric Grading Rubric for evaluating your Pediatric Clinical Template.

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