Pediatric Nursing Research Paper

Pediatric Nursing
               Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

The existing title for my paper is “Are pediatric nurses competent in assessing and managing pain in cognitively impaired children”.

Though my supervisor does not like the word “competent” and has asked me to better the title, I would be grateful for any ideas. This is an extended literature review to complete my final year in child branch nursing. Due to so many personal issues and a bereavement I have failed to get my head around it. I have written the rationale which I can upload as soon as i know how, for the writer as well as the full instructions of what is required. As long as it is not traceable I can also provide my log in details to Blackboard in order for the writer to use the library search facilities. I have found some papers but most are considered too old and would need to be justified as to why i’m using them. I have also been told that a majority need to be primary papers, which i’m not really sure of. The paper is 8000 words but i have already written 579 for the rationale, my supervisor was happy with it despite some apparent minor grammar mistakes. as explained before the rationale will be sent to the writer in order to get a better grasp of the subject.

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