Peer editing session Essay Assignment

Peer editing session
Peer editing session

Peer editing session

This essay needs me to reflect on my peer editing process(did in class and carried out by following instructed procedures) in order to enable me to write critical reflections. For this reflection essay, I need to answer the following two questions:

Part A (20 marks): In a short, well-written paragraph, outline what you did for the peer editing session, and with whom. Summarize your partner’s main points. Provide us with an overview of how you used the time you were allocated. Discuss structure, research caliber (did they use enough sources, are they scholarly?), and spelling and grammar in the sample paragraph. Summarize some of the suggestions that you gave them in this paragraph.

Part B (60 marks): In 2-3 well-written paragraphs, reflect on how this activity made you feel. Think about past experiences, and anticipated future activities. Which parts were more useful? Which parts were the ?most challenging? How will this impact your future writing? How do elements of who you are and where you are from interact with your understandings of, and experiences with, writing as a whole? Different parts of our identities intersect differently within our lives, so some elements of your social location will inevitably have influenced you more than others.

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