People Analytics Help Employers Make Savvier Hires

People Analytics Help Employers Make Savvier Hires Articles: Each student will be assigned one article for which they must be prepared to act as a co-facilitator in directing the class discussion on the article.

People Analytics Help Employers Make Savvier Hires
People Analytics Help Employers Make Savvier Hires

Students should make sure to sign up for an article that they will be in attendance in class for the date the article is on the syllabus for discussion. Failure to participate in the classroom presentation will severely impact the studentís assignment grade. Class size will determine the number of co-facilitator(s) per article. The article write-up must be done individually.

People Analytics Help Employers Make Savvier Hires

Each student must hand in a typed review of the assigned article answering the questions below, (approximately two pages double-spaced). The typed review must be in question and answer format. The students must be prepared to present/discuss the below key issues from their article(s):

Questions to address in your article write-up:

  1. What are the key points of the article?
  2. What kind of information is being presented (e.g., opinions, raw data, analyzed data, values and beliefs, ideas)?
  3. How does it relate to Human Resource Management, our text and classroom discussions?
  4. Based on this article, what programs, policies, or practices would you recommend implementing in the workplace?
  5. As a supervisor or Manager, what do we do with this information from the article; how does it impact how we might manage people?

People Analytics Help Employers Make Savvier Hires

Additionally, each student must hand in a typed summary (approximately one page double-spaced) of a recent (must be within 3 months of the assigned due date and should be a domestic article unless the assigned article is an international issue.) topical, applied example related to your assigned article and present the information in class. Applied examples can be obtained from newspapers, magazines, actual organizational literature, case studies, electronic media etc. These supplemental articles should not be from a blog or Wikipedia. You must include a full reference citation. Your typed assigned article q/responses, recent related applied article summary and hard copy of the supplemental article must be given to the instructor the class before your presentation date.

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