People and organizations Research Paper

People and organizations
People and organizations

People and organizations


Write a report describing and analysing a current business topic on a selection of people management aspects and issues within a company of your choice. (Subject to approval by the seminar tutor).

You must identify two different business/management topics within that company. The topics are to be chosen from the weekly session titles on this module. For example, Motivation, Diversity, Leadership, Change Management etc. You can pick any topic from semester one and two.

The company and the topics must be approved by the seminar tutor, who has the final say over which companies to use. It may be possible to combine different aspects but check with your tutor. Tesco, South west Airlines and John Lewis are barred as companies that you can choose.

For each topic, you are expected to incorporate at least one appropriate theory/model or recognised practice. For example, for Motivation you could include Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. For Leadership, you can use Theory X and Y etc.

In your conclusion, you are to include at least two recommendation as to how might the company/industry etc. improve the situation in the future.

Marking scheme: Marks will be given and taken away based on our assessment of the following criteria.

See below for the full explanation of the marking criteria
The Topic/title
1. The title needs to be agreed by the seminar tutor.
2. Feel free to discuss possibilities with colleagues and your lecturer. It’s usually best to research a company and study the one that offers most information about internal HR policies and management practices.
3. ‘Describe’ means ‘this is what happened’, ‘Analyse’ means ‘this is why it happened’.
4. Recommendations could relate to the future, or to what others could learn from this situation.

Basic Format:
• A title page, a contents page, an introduction, a main section with sub-sections, and a recommendation, conclusion and references. Clear headings are essential. Relevant sources of information should be cited using the Harvard referencing system (see the Study Skills section on Blackboard for details).
• Any areas of doubt need to be raised with your lecturer

• Length: 2000 words +/- 10% not including contents, appendices or list of references.

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