Perception and Management of Stress Interviews

Perception and Management of Stress Interviews Identify 2 individuals from different generations (think grandparents, parents, professors, supervisors, peers) with at least about a ~15 year age gap
between them.

Perception and Management of Stress Interviews
Perception and Management of Stress Interviews

Interview these two individuals separately on their perceptions of stress and stress management, on the phone or in person.
In a three-page reflection (using the syllabus formatting) include 1.) a brief description of who the individuals are, 2.) address the following themes (you
may also go above and beyond by exploring more themes beyond these questions), and 3.) your reflection of their responses (Whose style do you identify more
with? Are there any biases in their responses or influences not mentioned? What was it like to interview people about stress?). Note: I realize these
questions are broad. You may rephrase the questions to make more sense or be more relevant to your interests if respondents are unsure of how to answer.
1. What is your perception of stress and how it affects health (Analogy: Stress is to health as _____ is to _____; How does stress play out in your life?;
Where does stress come from)? What influenced this perception or how did you learn about this?
2. What are your ways of managing stress in your life? Has that changed over time? Do you have plans to change that in the future?
3. What should individuals or society do differently to reduce stress overall?
I am a international student in US, so please do not show up person’s nation as well as possible.

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