Performance Appraisals and HR Management

Performance Appraisals and HR Management 1. Describe the common concepts between McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y theory and Frederick Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory AND, combined, how they relate to employee engagement, satisfaction, and motivation (use any resource you need to answer this question).

Performance Appraisals and HR Management
Performance Appraisals and HR Management

2. When terminating an employee for the cause what are the progressive steps, and description, an employer should take to 1. Communicate to the employee their performance/actions are not acceptable and 2. Protect the organization from unwanted litigation. 3. Explain the six steps why Performance Appraisals are done and the benefits to both the organization and the employee. 4. What are the benefits, for the organization and the employee for an organization to engage the services of a Professional Employer Organization? Note: One of the two must be answered, 5 or 6. If you answer both only the first one will be corrected and counted toward your grade. 5. Outline the provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act; legal requirements, provisions, protection, etc. 6. Described the management behaviors of a supervisor who has a reputation for superior engagement and retention of their employees.

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