Performance Management System Research Paper

Performance Management System Research Paper Create a presentation of an ideal performance management system that you would implement as the human resources (HR) manager of an organization (fictional or real).

Performance Management System Research Paper
Performance Management System Research Paper

Be sure to include information that addresses the following aspects of your performance management system:

Performance Management System Research Paper

Organizational Strategy – including description of the organization’s purpose, vision and mission statements. At least two PPT slides

Systems – including defining and measuring results, appraisals, compensation. At least four PPT slides

Implementation Factors – including the communications plan, the appeals process, training programs for raters, and the pilot test for your performance management system at least four PPT slides.

Employee Development Considerations – create a development plan which addresses: development objectives, how skills will be acquired, a timeline for acquisition, and standards and measures for accessing improvement of at least three PPT slides.

Each of the above areas and their subcategories must be addressed. Assume you are presenting the paper to the senior management team of your organization.

Performance Management System Research Paper

Submit as a PPT with in-depth speaker’s notes. The project should follow the academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate. It should contain concepts from the course reading materials and textbook, reflect your insight and analysis of the course materials, and use external information, providing an original and thoughtful presentation. Be sure to cite and integrate at least four credible, academic sources, at least one for each required section.

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