Personal Cyber Crimes Essay Paper Assignment

Personal Cyber Crimes
Personal Cyber Crimes

Personal Cyber Crimes

Write a MLA format, 2-3 page Research Paper on Personal Cyber Crimes.

Explain what each of the following are and how you can protect yourself from each.

Phishing Clickjacking Pharming Malicious Scripts

The following are requirements:

* Proper MLA Heading

*at least 2 in text citations

* at least 2 footnotes

*Works Cited Page (This page is not included in the 2-3 pages of the paper)

*Proper MLA Format (dbl spaced, Arial, 12 pt font etc)

*Table of Contents (meaning you will need to put headings in your paper as well)

*Title Page including (Needs to be horizontally and vertically centered)

Personal Cyber Crimes

Your Name

Fort Hays State University

*You will need to use the Reference Tab within Word to create your citations, works cited, etc, as you are taught in the chapter.

*2 or more sources that are not the book and that are credible sources (No wiki)

Your paper should flow as Title Page, Table of Contents, Paper itself, Works Cited.

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