Personal Diversity Experience Assignment

Personal Diversity Experience
Personal Diversity Experience

Personal Diversity Experience

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Personal Diversity Experience Assignment

Format and Grading Rubric

Format Requirements

As far as organizing this assignment, the following subject headings are REQUIRED:

Introduction: Preview key insights from your paper in such a way as to capture your reader’s interest. This section is often written last and should be no longer that 10% of the total length (word count) of your paper.

Situation/Setting/Description: In this section, you should describe the unfamiliar setting in which you immersed yourself. How did you prepare for your visit?

Observation/Reflection: Record, in an almost journal-like way, what you saw, heard, read, experienced, as well as your reactions (both thoughts and feelings) to these observations/reflections. This section should be as detailed, specific, and complete as possible. Conduct research to understand what you felt, thought, experienced, and observed during your visit.

Analysis: This is the “core” of a good Reflection Paper and should be 33% to 50% of its overall length. What do your observations and reflections teach you? What preconceptions did you change as a result of your experience? What beliefs, ideas, hypotheses were confirmed as a result of your experience? Of what changes in yourself are you aware? In what ways might these changes make you a better leader/manager? Why?

Summary/Next Steps: This section should be more than simply restating points you’ve already made. You should also describe a plan for expanding or implementing what you have learned through your reflection and analysis. The more specific and detailed your plan, the better.

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