Personal information Career Exploration Paper

Personal information Career Exploration Paper Personal information (writer should write the paper based on the following): Despite the previous assignments that we did and the panels that help us to understand more about each of the BBA specialty, I’m still undecided between three specialties: International Business, General Business and Marketing.
Personal information Career Exploration Paper Assignment
The Career Exploration Paper is a cumulative project capturing the student’s work throughout the semester. The student will reflect upon the knowledge gained from the previous assign- ments to write a paper 2-3 pages long. The paper will include an overview of the specialties dis- cussed by the guest speakers and a personal reflection on a specialty or specialties of interest. Students should also reflect on study abroad options and possible minors.

Personal information Career Exploration Paper
Personal information

Students will utilize the concepts and knowledge gained from the assignments completed throughout the semester. The paper should include the following:
Reflection on what specialty or specialties and minor(s) you have selected. [2-3 pages]
The reflection portion of the paper should answer the following questions:
What specialty is your top choice and why? If you are choosing multiple specialties, please provide reflection
on each individual specialty and how they will work together. If you have chosen to add a minor, why?
How did the guest speakers influence your specialty decision? How did they broaden your understanding of
the business world?
How did the assignments (Informational Interview & Synopsis, Organization & Job Posting Research Paper) help you understand the career exploration and development process?
Required: None
Suggested: None
Where to find information:
Students are encouraged to review previously submitted assignments for common themes and insight.
This assignment will be worth 30 points and graded based on the following criteria:
1. Reflection – 15 points
2. Demonstrated understanding of the course objectives and broad coursepurpose – 10 points
3. Composition, Spelling, and Grammar – 5 points

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