Personal Training Plan Essay Assignment

Personal Training Plan
Personal Training Plan

Personal Training Plan

You are a track and field coach who needs to train your Grade 10 students in four track and field events (two track events and two field events). Choose which four events they will need to do and develop a training program for them:

The training program needs to:

Identify the four events

Identify the specific fitness components that your students will need to train for each event.

Prepare a training circuit – of 12 different stations or exercises – that allows your students to train those specific fitness components. The circuit needs to explain why you chose the 12 exercises you selected.

Prepare a technical training program Рwith three technique drills per event Рthat develops three key technique points for each event  (12 in total). The technique drills need to say which technique
a point you are addressing, give a description of the drill and tell me why you chose this specific drill.

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