Personal Worldview and Research Mindset

Personal Worldview and Research Mindset
      Personal Worldview and Research Mindset

Personal Worldview and Research Mindset

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Personal Worldview and Research Mindset

It is a reality that both the world and the different elements that constitute the world do exist. People are responsible for generating varied opinions about the world. Apparently, the world would be a wonderful place to live if people would come together to remove all the negative things that affect the world. Perhaps, no two conflicting statements can be taken to be true. The world is therefore controlled by varied views and beliefs which emanate from different cultural, educational and personal life experiences. As such, history is very essential in focusing on the future around the world.

The best way to learn is through listening, observing and experiencing life happening.  So as to get informed, I carry out information gathering. This is mostly done through looking for answers for given topics like health by conducting interviews. The sources of information include doctors, publications and media sources. The sources ought to contain information about the topic under study. In addition, information gathering from these sources depends on people’s experiences and one’s personal experiences(Lester, 2004).Furthermore, Personal communication skills are very essential in influencing the behavior of other people. Through personal communication skills, I have been able to utilize persuasion and interpersonal dialogue, efficiency in terms of solving problems so as to influence others. In addition, I have been able to challenge people’s behavior without becoming too personal so as to avoid any conflict. Despite the fact that solving problems has got challenges, problem solving skills assist in coming up with sound solutions.  I therefore utilize the five steps when handling any challenge. The steps include orientation, defining the specific problem, coming up with alternative ways to handle that problem, coming up with a well-defined decision, implementing the solution and evaluating the whole process(Neumann, 2005).

My personal background has been dictated and controlled by so many challenges which have enhanced my personal experience. Despite the fact that I was born in the US, my cultural background is of the Indian people. This is simply because my I have spent most of my life in this country (India). I     have a good command of both written and spoken Indian language with very little knowledge of English. I have therefore gained so much in terms of experience from living and studying in both India and United States of America. My professional experience is so vast. I have gained experience in English by attending an Indian adult school for studying English, I have a high school diploma with a bachelor of science in Business administration. I have also worked as a secretary for students for a period of two years(Creswell, 2013).

Apparently, my self-identity has greatly influenced my professional practice. In addition, my personal, cultural and professional experiences have had a great impact on by own beliefs and how I perceive the world. This has greatly had an impact in the way I carry out my research work. Basically, my self-identity revolves around my own cultural background and my working profession. In the initial stages of my career, before associating with varied cultures, the way I perceived and viewed the world was based on Indian cultural background. This was basically based on the believes and values of this people. I have therefore acquired a different perception of the world based on different cultural practices which I have gone through in my everyday life(Boud, & Tennant, 2006).


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