Personality psychology Assignment Paper

Personality psychology
Personality psychology

Personality psychology

Personality psychology

Personality Term Paper: The assignment is double spaced, 10-12-page paper, not including title page or references. The mark for the paper will be reduced if the 10-page minimum is not met, minus 10% for each page under the 10-page minimum. The assignment is to select a topic in personality psychology and discuss a set of articles surrounding the topic. This is an integrative paper, so develop a theme and discuss the issues around that topic with the sources you have selected. Peer reviewed sources only. Please no website sources or textbooks. An outline is a useful aid to construct your paper. A brief introduction, development of your arguments and conclusions would be an effective way of structuring your paper.
There should be 2-3 paragraphs per page. Please avoid the use of large block quotations. The style should be that of a scientific paper. This refers to the more impersonal style of the scientific paper, avoiding the use of colloquial language, avoiding the use of “I”

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