Persuasive Reflection Letter

Persuasive Reflection Letter

Please write a well organized 5-paragraph Persuasive Reflection Letter to a English department professor, (including introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion). This persuasive reflection letter that will be addressed to a English department professor. The purpose of this essay is to reflect on your own development as a writer, focusing on what you?ve learned this quarter. Your reflection should provide your readers with an understanding of who you are as a writer today. If you wish, you might want to refer or quote from the texts we read this quarter and/or your own essays.

Reflection Letter
Persuasive Letter Writing

Persuasive Reflection Letter to a English Department Professor.

You should refer to one or more of the readings from this class in your essay, including the following:
1. The DVD Mississippi Burning.
2. The novel The House on Mango Street.
3. How to Do Well on a Job Interview?
4. Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising?
5. How to Make It in College, Now That You?re Here?
6. Ban the Things. Ban Them All?
7. College Lectures: Is Anybody Listening?
8. Is Sex All That Matters?
9. What is Wrong with Schools? Teacher Plays Student, Learns to Lie and Cheat?
10.Television Addiction?

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