Pesticides: Health or Poison Research Paper

Pesticides: Health or Poison
Pesticides: Health or Poison

Pesticides: Health or Poison

Sex change. In this day and age, sex change is something that has become a normality with minimal fear of societal stigma. However, what about involuntary sex change? To go even further, what about involuntary sex change in animals? Although it sounds farfetched and unimaginable, it is all too real. Due to contaminated waters, male tadpoles are undergoing sex changes and becoming females involuntarily. Even though tadpoles are the only ones being forced to change gender, the effects from pesticides are hurting animals, humans, and the environment. Pesticides affect various organisms in different ways. For humans it’s disease, whereas for the environment pesticides can get into rivers and affect our drinking water.

Before diving into how pesticides are affecting the world, it is important to define what pesticides actually are, and what their actual purpose is. Pesticides are used to control an organism that may invade crops or homes. The ideal pesticide is one that gets rid of the target organism while not having any side effects towards anything other than the target. Although science isn’t quite at that standard, it has come pretty close. They can be synthetic (created in a lab) or organic. Synthetic pesticides are meant to be easy to distribute and have a good shelf life. They are also made to have a low toxicity to non-target organisms and the environment.  Organic pesticides are naturally occurring pesticide chemicals evolved in plants. They can also be reproduced in labs, and even though they are natural, they’re not necessarily good for health and the environment. However, pesticides are technically a poison and that they not only cause some health effects, but is actually linked to some serious diseases ranging from respiratory to cancer.

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