Philosophy reality and Taoism’s Yin-Yang conception

Philosophy reality and Taoism's Yin-Yang conception
Philosophy reality and Taoism’s Yin-Yang conception

Philosophy reality and Taoism’s Yin-Yang conception

Instructions: Answer ALL THREE of the Essay Questions. Your essay should be one file, and submitted into the Midterm Dropbox no later than March 15th by 11:59 PM.

Question 1: Compare and contrast Plato’s theory of Forms with metaphysical beliefs of Taoism. Be sure to summarize Plato’s various levels of reality and Taoism’s Yin-Yang conception. You’d do well to inform the general reader about what the Forms are and the relationship of Yin-Yang have in philosophical Taoism. Devote at least 1 page to Plato’s theory of Forms and at least 1 page to Taoism’s metaphysical tenets. Be sure to document any external sources used. Then, in a second part to this question, you should try and offer a reason why you think one version of reality is true than the other (at least 2 pages).

Question 2: In the reading with Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics detail the reasons why pleasure is not the highest good, but why it is the case that virtue leads to happiness. Recall that a virtue is defined for Aristotle as a reliable disposition displayed over time. You’d do well to pay attention to some of the videos on Aristotle on virtue as well as what is meant by excess and deficiency in relationship to virtue as well as my lectures on virtue in your personal notes (at least 1.5 pages).

Question 3: Compare and contrast the major ethical tenets of Buddhism with the agapic conception of love in Christianity. What about them is different regarding salvation in Christianity and mindfulness in Buddhism? Your answer must include an explanation of the Four Noble Truths, the Eight-fold Path, and the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount we read in the Gospel of Matthew (at least two pages). You may include other Christian sources of insight if you wish.

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