Planning and management processes

Planning and management processes
  Planning and management processes

Planning and management processes

All papers submitted will be typewritten, double-spaced. The margins are to be no less than 1″ on each side and no less than 1 ½ inches on the top or bottom. The font will be 12 points. The type style will be Times Roman, Courier or equivalent. Italics, script or type styles which are difficult to read will not be used. Citations in the text will reference a complete bibliography at the end of the end of the paper. The paper will be done using the APA style book. (See the Adult and Continuing Education Student Bulletin for helpful guidelines on the grading of student’s papers, pages 24-26). All papers will be uploaded to the Turnitin site on the course webpage to detect any incidence of plagiarism.

Your topic can be on any of the “Five E’s” and how it is administered in some local government. An interview with a manager is necessary for an “A” grade. A paper on strategic planning/management processes or some form of program based budgeting would be a good topic

Proposed Term Paper Topic:
Due: Feb. 13, 2019

Submit a written Proposed Term Paper Topic.

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