Plato’s Gorgias Research Assignment

Plato's Gorgias
           Plato’s Gorgias

Plato’s Gorgias

In Plato’s Gorgias, callicles says to Socrates: ”… For the truth is, Socrates, that you who pretend to be engaged in the pursuit of truth, are appealing now to the popular and vulgar of right, which are not natural, but only conventional. Convention and nature are generally at variance with one another….” What does Callicles mean? What is his view of natural justice? How, according to Callicles, does it differ from conventional justice? Meanwhile, Thrasymachus states in Plato’s Republic that ” justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger…” What do you take thrasymachus to be saying? How does Socrates challenge Thrasymachus’s definition of justice? What is your view of Thrasymachus’s claim that the rulers, who rule because they are strong, infallibly know what is in their best interests? Please compare and contrast the two accounts of justice mentioned above. Are callicles and thrasymachus basically making the same point? If their views of justice differ, how do they differ? How does Palmer characterize rational thought in the first chapter of his textbook? Is there a difference between thinking rationally and asserting one’s strength? Please explain your views, be thorough, and show that you have read the material closely.

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